• Name of the item: Art Picture – “Girl” – Contemporary Art, by Moamer Eyrup (born in Skopje). Eyrup is a Macedonian artist who created in a realistic style – with the use of free strokes and lines without paying attention to the details. He is one of the founders of contemporary art in Macedonia.
  • Period/date: 1955
  • Origin: Depot of artwork of contemporary painting art exhibited in the department of contemporary art in the N.I.”Institute and Museum” Bitola
  • Material/technique: oil paints on canvas
  • Dimensions: 70 Х 110 cm

Уметничка слика –„Девојкa“- современа уметност, автор Моамер Ејруп
Short story (description):

The picture shows “Girl”. She is sitting on a sofa covered with a “cherga” (rug). In the background, there is an old house wall.
The girl is in the center of the picture. Standing straight, with arms crossed and leaning against the upper legs.
On her head, there is a scarf that has a lot of folds.
She is dressed in luxurious old-fashioned clothing that ends at the bottom in trousers.
The upper part is wide open and beneath it is a shirt with a wide collar and a mid-calf shaped like a circular medallion.
The painting is characteristic of the peace, tranquility, the silence that the girl experiences, imagined, embroiled in the old house, somewhere at the end of the day.
The author tells us about the fate of a young girl who is lonely, calm and imaginary sitting in the old home, sensitive and imagined towards an uncertain future. Without realistic details, the image highlights the inner feelings.
The painting is masterfully drawn with masterful simplicity and precision.

Use: The painting is displayed in the permanent exhibition section of the Bitola Museum and is important for monitoring the development of culture and creativity in Bitola and affirmation of the NI Institute and Museum of Bitola.