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  • IPA/2019/161486/5

SMART-CUL-TOUR project has been co-financed by the European Union within the IPA II CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION PROGRAM (CBC) NORTH MACEDONIA – ALBANIA 2014-2020.

Main objective of the project is to foster tourism, promote and protect cultural and natural heritage, and to secure balanced and sustainable socio-economic development of the cross-border region, including the regions of Bitola and Korce.

SMART-CUL-TOUR project in the same time will protect and promote cultural heritage in both targeted municipalities and the wider cross-border region and initiate cooperation among different stakeholders, especially in tourism sector.
Through the activities we will raise the public awareness for the values of cultural and natural heritage in the regions, we will improve and increase their capacities and increase their accessibility for different target groups and especially for the people with disabilities.
The use of renewable energy sources, in the context of protection of cultural heritage, will contribute to the environmental protection, and in the same time it will increase the sustainability of the targeted locations.
Collaboration among the professional, especially in the domain of protection of cultural heritage and museum work, will greatly influence the long lasting collaboration of the project partners, even after the project ends.
Improved experience of the visitors and their positive critics will enable increased number of tourist in both targeted regions. Additional contents that will be offered by the tourism stakeholders will enable longer and prolonged stay of the tourist in the cross-border region that will influence economic growth of the regions.
Numerous activities addressing increased visibility of the project activities, and the visibility of the cross-border region in general, will make them more accessible and open for visitors.

  • Project budget: 704,590 EURO
  • Implementation period: 24 months

Project partners:

  1. Municipality of Bitola – Lead Partner, RN Macedonia
  2. Municipality of Pustec – Partner, R Albania
  3. NI “Institute and museum” – Bitola, Partner, RN Macedonia
  4. Directorate for protection of cultural heritage – Korce, Partner, R Albania
  5. Youth cultural center – Partner, RN Macedonia
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