• Name of the item: Art Painting “Jewish alley” – Contemporary Art, author Metodij Lepavcov (born in Bitola).
  • Period/date: 1937
  • Origin: Depot of artwork of contemporary painting art exhibited in the department of contemporary art in the N.I.”Institute and Museum” Bitola
  • Material/technique: oil paints on canvas
  • Dimensions: 94 Х 72 cm

Уметничка слика „Еврејско мало“- современа уметност, автор Методиј Лепавцов
Short story (description):

The picture depicts traditional architecture from Bitola.
On the left and right side of the picture are painted houses on two floors with wooden balconies built in the style of traditional Balkan ancient architecture.
The houses are stuck together in different heights and sizes.
In the middle between them is a cobblestone street and an elevated sidewalk is painted on the right.
In the central part of the picture – to the left, a mosque minaret is depicted.

The upper part of the picture depicts a sky with calm brush strokes, and the presence of a cloud over the mountain.

Use: The painting is displayed in the permanent exhibition section of the Bitola Museum and is important for monitoring the development of culture and creativity in Bitola and affirmation of the NI Institute and Museum of Bitola.