• Name of the item: Art Painting “Winter” – Contemporary Art, by Dimitar Kondovski (born in Skopje). The author is one of the most prominent Macedonian artists especially in portrait art and creation of works that express the mystery and beauty of the icons presented with a contemporary expression.
  • Period / date: 1951
  • Origin: Depot of the artwork of contemporary painting art exhibited in the department of contemporary art in the N.I.”Institute and Museum” Bitola
  • Material/technique: oil paints on canvas
  • Dimensions: 100 Х 78 cm

Уметничка слика „Зима“- современа уметност, автор Димитар Кондовски
Short story (description):

The picture shows a woman figure almost completely.

It has a distinctive face and although it is positioned at the top of the image – it is dominant and most striking. With long hair and an unnaturally long neck. In addition to her portrait with the most dominant eyes being elongated, the author painted her hands also elongated, unusual and weak.

The title is Winter and has a symbolic meaning – stemming from the mood of the woman – imagined, dark, lonely unhappy. The character itself is dominated by grief and contemplation. Hands clasped around the body as if trying to shield it from all strokes of insults and emotional sadness.

The painting was painted with minimal use of colors – 2 to three and is encountered in the so-called monochromatic pictures, which means the color is almost absent, only to express the lonely and heavy mood of the lonely woman.

Use: The painting is displayed in the permanent exhibition section of the Bitola Museum and is important for monitoring the development of culture and creativity in Bitola and affirmation of the NI Institute and Museum of Bitola.