• Name of the item: Altar – model of a house
  • Period / dating: middle Neolithic / 5800 – 5200 year. BC
  • Origin: Tumba, village of Porodin, Bitola
  • Material / technique: clay
  • Dimensions: height – 30.7 cm, length – 26.6 cm, width – 20 cm

Short story (description):

An anthropomorphic model of a house with a rectangular base, with inverted T-shaped openings on four sides. The roof is set in two sides topped with chimney. The chimney is presented in the form of a head with a realistic presentation of the eyes, nose and mouth, this is actually a representation of the Great Goddess who rendered as a protector of the house. There are two holes placed at the bottom and at the root of the anthropomorphic head, it is assumed that the house model served as an altar, in whose interior there are traces of burning. Around the neck of the Great Mother there is a necklace placed in the form of rays, on whose ends balls are applied in the form of pellets. The color of the clay is dark brown, the figure has a smooth surface.

Жртвеник – модел на куќа