artMUSE Festival in Bitola – 02 March 2012, 21.00 h

Join us @ the NI Institute and the Museum of Bitola on Friday Night!

artMUSE arts festival will proceed in the Museum of Bitola and the National Institution Institute in Macedonia. Further cultural workshops will follow in June.


Pece Cacorovski
“Alchemy of filigree light”

Video installation in which the central motif, painted in filigree technique – varies a visual rakurs ? where by color and light creates a certain range, which through whole punctuation reflects, determines the time – trying to focus on both past and present and assumed time in certain point which is a kind of visual over time – time which contains overall alchemy of the past, present  and future – a time that is over time as an absolute postulate.

Eric Dunlap
“Transmutative Body“

Transmutative Body play with the idea of changing the makeup of the body from one element to another. Using the body as a projection screen textures are and elements of the museum’s art are projected on museum goers to transform them into stone, mosaics, textiles, and becoming works of art or artifacts themselves.
Eric Dunlap’s work focuses on the body as the universal constant for communication and creation. In combining the body with technology, he seeks a result that is not a dehumanizing to the individual, but one that uses the this integration as a tool to extend the reach of the body’s communcative ability beyond social and cultural boundaries.
Eric Dunlap is co-director of Forward Motion Theater founded in 1995 with media artistHolly Daggers.  Their mission is to explore movement and technology through original works combining physical performance and digital media.
As the company’s choreographer, he has created choreoworks that incorporate lasers, fiber optic costumes, electroluminescent lighting and live-mix video, incorporating themes of cloning, cyborgs, the mating rituals of Martian plant life, a futuristic human garden, and a bondage fairy tale. Using structured improvisation and formalized composition for each work to generate a specialized vocabulary of movement to relay these ideas.
Eric spent his formative years touring nationally and internationally as a principle dancer with the Alwin Nikolais / Murray Louis Dance Company. Currently dancing with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, he has worked with various companies including Peter Pucci Plus Dancers, Pilobolus, Rebecca Stenn/Perks DanceMusicTheater, and Sarah Skaggs Dance/Higher Ground. He is the main curator for FMT’s exhibition series and events, uniting artists that work in collaboration with live-mix video, audio and movement. Eric continues his movement studies through Aikido, where he holds the rank of Shodan.
His role in FMT is also that of a curator of multi-disciplinary  performance  through FMT’s EyeWash, an exhibition series featuring VJs and video artists working in collaboration with audio and movement artists that has presented over 150 artists in the past six years.
As a Video Artist and VJ, Eric has performed and created live-mix installations at many venues and special events including the Museum of Modern Art, with James Brown for Diesel for Fashion Week, at Carnegie Hall for CBS’s Up Front, at the Kennedy Center for the Japan! Festival; performing the on stage video for the MySpace live broadcast of rap artist T.I, and with Animal Collective at the launch of the River to River Festival.

Ivanco Dafovski
“Kinetic reminiscence”

It is a kind of postmodern project, trying to come around the kinetic visualization and existence, placed in slightly displaced milieu of expressiveness and lyricism as a counterpoint to moving perpetum mobile – life who passes trough the path of transient – as an eternal destiny and life which exceeds the transient in eternal searching for timeless that only exists in extracts of light and its eternal starry-sky flicker.

Elwira Wojtunik and Popesz Csaba Láng
“Living room – audio-reactive mapping installation”

They will present an audio-reactive mapping installation Living room, which is adjusted to the space of the Museum of Bitola. The installation emphasizes the 3-dimensional space making it reactable as an alive organism. The Viewer entering the room and using the voice or any other sound causes a reaction having an impact on the final apperance of the room. The interior design of the room is inspired by the Hungarian traditional embroidery motives, which brings a new quality where traditional culture meets with new media art.
Polish-Hungarian duet of visual artists, also known as Elektro Moon Vision founded in 2004 in Budapest. They design unique visual live-acts based on live experiments with the video surface, wide-format projections, mappings, audiovisual performances, interactive video-installations or video projections for theatre shows.
They were granted with Artist-in-Residence program of MuseumQuartier in Vienna completed with an exhibition at the Electric Avenue (MQ). Their works were exposed also at the Media Art Biennale WRO, Akarenga Soko Gallery in Yokohama in Japan, Salon-Projektionist in Vienna. Their experimental video ‘NZ/X’ was awarded in the frames of the Chopin Year competition by Warsaw Electronic Festival and Zachęta nationally Gallery of Art in Poland and ArtMuse in Bocholt, Germany.
Founders of Share:Krakow – the unit of global organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities.

Kosta Dupcinovski
“Tuft of the wind“

Somewhere from the depth or from the vertical, winds that are older from the entire mankind history are coming.
Tuneful is the flow of the forms and the waves which the sea brings….
September winds circle over the sky, collide or diverge.
To fly with its own spirit or towards its spirit and to surrender to the power that carries.

Vladimir Simonovski
“Sirma” – past opposite future-installation         

The world today looks like an urban desert more and more. The alienation, starting from myself (of self from myself), and then from each one (close or not) is a general problem of what we refer to as “life” in the frame of our existence “now and here”. That was the main intention for creation of this object (construction). By selecting tools from the childhood poetics and using metamorphosis of them, made from already utilized materials in constructive purposes, this can be seen as one attempt for complete reconstruction of the undestroyable universe of childhood which is always over the time who with its roundabouts is trying to completely blow the unrepeatability of the carefreeness and the dreaming. Nowadays, opposed to the poetics of today in its cyclic form is the widespread under evaluation and conformism of the virtual world imposed by the technocratic wilderness.

Mitko Gogov
„A multimedia poetry performance ‘beyond beatness’“

Through a collage of words in poetry that is timeless, multidimensional and vivisection of modern lifestyles, Mitko makes genesis of d events from d past till now, the ones that motivate Us to continue exploring the importance that each of us brings.
The experimental approach, interpretation and visual performance with video support complement the transcendental essence of d being as whole. The masks that we wear as an entity, cultural, historical, social, while traveling through existence, space – time, internal rhythm and their internal correlation and mix with energetic, dynamic images and emotions of the author. Reflection of the reality with the help of openness and honesty in the artistic pure approach.
Creative impulses that motivate every person to communicate with the code of existence and with d internal etymology of the thought. The enformel game concepts and their inner-textual importance, emotional and spiritual resonance.. are we that we encountered ourselves constantly.
Refined subtle games and the individual state of mind are just some of the ways and metaphors that are playing symbolically with the receptors of those who will attend this visual journey.
Mitko Gogov 1983, Skopje, Macedonia is conceptual/ multimedia artist with few expos, performances and art installations behind, showed in France, Norway, Italy, USA, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia.. with his works he’s been part of few group exhibitions in some of the museums and galleries around the Balkans, on different interactive online projects, performances and is enthusiast for the future of the contemporary art.
Writes poetry, short stories, essays and literature focused on culture, arts and youth work. The latest form that experiment is the space for a status on his facebook profile. He is included in several anthologies of poetry and short fiction in the Balkans and elsewhere, translated into over ten languages including: Serbian Croatian, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Telugu (India), Urdu (Pakistan), Philippines, USA. .. and occasionally published in several literary magazines and on many international platforms for poetry. Last year began with the organization of the global event `100 thousand poets for change ‘in Strumica, which is a festival that last year took place in 550 cities and 95 countries worldwide. This year’s planned to be re-implemented on 29 September. In the twitter sphere characterized by 140 characters promote Japanese forms: haiku, renga, tanka, senriu … etc.. At the current moment his first e-Book ‘Ice water’ is published in Serbia and should be promoted on the book fair in Belgrade, in the beginning of March.
Youth worker and civil activist that works with young people and youth organizations from everywhere, push for social inclusion and volunteering. youth trainer provides different creativity workshops as: forum theater, multimedia, stick art, street art, graffiti, use of organic and recycled materials in contemporary art, handmade ..and social aspects as PEER & non-formal education, EVS, youth participation etc..
Active graffiti painter and word as a [dj] with the name ‘dzamski, specializing in psychedelic trance, dark forest, experimental and ambient sounds.

Nikola Tanchevski (X3M)
„Game Over“ – A short film with visual effects

The animated movie “Game Over” is a story of a child who is addicted to video games. He spends most of the time in front of his computer living in the world in which his heroes do. It runs into a situation that every “gamer” subconsciously wishes – to literally became part of the game. The main character – a 12 years old child while playing his favorite game, accidently became protagonist in the virtual world of his heroes. Not even himself can explains how he got into the “real world” of the game. But in that “real world” the situation is much more different than it seems in boy’s eyes while he is sitting in front of his computer with the joystick in his hands.
Here, the dark forces of the evil are in front of his eyes, and the challenge to reach the good is not just a game anymore. Adventure, excitement, action and expectance are only small part of the things that the viewer experience, and so does out “gamer”.

SHARE.krakow & SHARE.bremen

Share is an open jam, not just for digirati, but for all new culture lovers. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into our system, improvise on each others’ signal and perform live audio and video. We furnish the amplification and projection. Share happens every Sunday in New York City and in Krakow, Bremen, Berlin and 20 other cities of media artist.


– LWL Industrymuseum Bocholt,
– City Gallery Gdansk


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