• Name of subject: Pafta (belt buckle )
  • Period / dating: 19th century
  • Origin: Macedonia, made by local masters (goldsmiths)
  • Material / technique: Silver and copper, technique of manufacture mould and clinked
  • Dimensions: Circuit – 17 cm

Short story (description):

The traditional Macedonian jewelry and its manufacture are an expression of one of the highest artistic accomplishments of Macedonian masters. Having no special design scheme, each master used only his own imagination and creativity in his workmanship. Our masters draw their inspiration from the nature and their closest environment, and therefore, as the most present motive in the production of traditional Macedonian jewelry, are the plant and geometric forms. The manner of wearing the jewelry was and still is different among men and women. Unlike male jewelry, whose primary goal was to show the economic power and social status of the wearer, the function of female jewelry is to emphasis the female beauty.

Дел од Пафта - постојана поставка - НУ Завод и музеј Битола
So, this pafta (belt buckle) like an ornament find their real place on the female waist in order to emphasize it. This exposed belt buckle is part of a 19th century buckles set, made of silver and copper. The copper part, which is present on the periphery of the buckle and partially in the central part, is decorated with engraved plant decorations. Pafta as recompense and embellishment of women’s costumes were used somewhere until the beginning of the 20th century when the traditional peasant and city costumes were replaced with a new western and even more modern style.

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