• Name of the item: Artistic painting “Landscape”- contemporary art, author Borislav Traikovski, Bitola
  • Period/dating: created in 1971
  • Origin: Depot of artwork of contemporary painting art exhibited in the department of contemporary art in the N.I.”Institute and Museum” Bitola
  • Materials/technique: art painting oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm

Short story (description):

Уметничка слика „ Пејзаж“- современа уметност, автор Борислав Траиковски, БитолаLandscape depicted not realistically but with the help of geometric bodies: on the far left side of the picture, a ball representing a canopy of wood is painted towards its upper part.
Beneath it there are two thin cylinders – the trunk of the tree From the left to the right of the picture, to the very end, irregular squares and cubes are painted with different colors and lined with thick black lines – they are part of an area on which there are fields lined with furrows. In the upper part of the picture, a part of the sky is again represented by irregular geometric shapes, which differ from the lower part in that they are more freely painted with broad strokes of the brush, while in the lower part it is more likely that a spatula is used (for thicker application of paint than a brush). Although the landscape is depicted in geometric shapes and divided by black lines, it still associates its autumn atmosphere that is identical with the author’s feelings – melancholic, lonely, foreboding. This is the so-called expressionist painting – in which the author, through a certain motive, paints his inner feelings.
The painting is exhibited in the department of contemporary art, where the history of contemporary painting in Bitola and Macedonia is presented. This is important for monitoring the development of culture and creativity in Bitola and affirmation of the institution Institute and Museum from Bitola.