• Name of the item: Art Sculpture – “Sculpture of Woman” – Contemporary Art, author Sotir Dimovski (born in Bitola).
  • Period/dating: The seventies of the twentieth century
  • Origin: Depot of artwork of contemporary art exhibited in the department of contemporary art in the N.I.”Institute and Museum” Bitola
  • Material/technique: a sculpture made of plaster
  • Dimensions: 60 Х 30 Х 20 cm

Уметничка скулптура –„Скулптура на жена“- современа уметност, автор Сотир Димовски
Short story (description):

Sculpture of a woman made in plaster.
The sculpture has three dimensions – depth, height width.
A woman without clothes is represented standing in a specific position.
It is represented above the knees.
Her head is slightly turned to the right. The face is actually processed with all the details. The hair is neatly and precisely positioned.
Her anatomy is accurate and realistic, with all the details and elements of the female body presented to her above the hip.
The arms are just indicated just lower from the shoulder. The remaining parts of both hands are completely absent as the legs below the knees are completely absent.
It seems that the author likes to emphasize the character and psychological content of the woman character.
The absence of the arms and legs is not important, the only thing left is the emotion, the thought, the psychology, the experience and the thought of life.
In the realistic process – the sculptor has introduced spirituality which is above the material and brings us into what is most important and lasting to man – spirit and feelings.

The sculpture with its mastery of craftsmanship, the precise anatomy of complicated and complex positions is a perfect work of art characteristic of an excellent author – sculptor.

The sculptor subjectively experiences the mood of the model.

Use: The sculpture is displayed in the permanent exhibition section of the Bitola Museum and is important for monitoring the development of culture and creativity in Bitola and affirmation of the NI Institute and Museum of Bitola.