• Name of the subject: A fragment of a larger ceramic container
  • Period/dating: middle Neolithic period 5800 – 5200 years. BC
  • Origin: Small Tumba, village Trn
  • Material / technique: clay
  • Dimensions: 36.4 x 19 cm

Short story (description):

A fragment of a stomach from a larger bowl with a ball-shaped form. Decorated with engravings made with a blunt object. The middle part is made by engravings of triangles placed sideways, whose interior is filled with a networking decoration made in white. These are five vertical rows, each of which is vertically arranged with three sideways triangles.

Фрагмент од поголем керамички сад - постојана поставка - НУ Завод и музеј Битола

On both sides of the center part there is a space in the form of a vertical line. The three rows of triangles are placed side by side opposite each other with the tops of the opposite side. Also the other row of vertically placed three side triangles on both sides hinged on the inside. The top of the triangles of the previous row and of the next form an empty space in the form of a rhomboid.
On the left side of the container in the bottom there is a loopstick handle. On both sides of this central zone of triangles there is a zone made with a dull cannon, vertically engraved two zigzag lines on one side and the other, inside one ribbon drawn in the interior. The color of the pot is gray and the decoration is made in white.